14 Insanely Stylish Ways to Wallpaper Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. As such, it deserves special attention when it comes to interior design and decor. An easy yet high-impact way to transform the look and feel of your kitchen is with stylish wallpaper. From floral prints to geometric patterns and nature-inspired textures, wallpaper offers endlessly exciting possibilities to personalize your cooking space. Today at Land of Wallpaper, we’re going to look at 14 insanely stylish ways to wallpaper your kitchen. There is wallpaper for every taste and cooking style, whether you want to make a statement or keep things simple.

01. Make A Bold Statement With Black and White Wallpaper

Nothing makes a design statement bold like the classic black-and-white color combination. For a sharply stylish kitchen, use graphic print wallpaper with simple shapes in black and white. This high-contrast look is extremely striking, especially when you add pops of color through appliances, stools, or kitchenware.

02. Add a Touch of Nature-Inspired Prints

Floral and Foliage Prints

Bring the elegance of the outdoors inside your cooking space with floral and foliage print wallpapers. Choose patterns with flowers, leaves, ferns, or even watercolor landscapes. This type of wallpaper exudes an earthy, relaxed vibe and is perfect for casual, country-style kitchens.

Butterfly and Bug Prints

Another way to incorporate nature is by using pretty butterfly or ladybug prints. The attractive motifs add playfulness and vibrancy to your kitchen wallpaper. Opt for vivid colors against neutral walls for an eye-catching contrast.

03. Add Glamorous Shine With Metallic Finishes

Make your kitchen shine bright with the sheen of metallic wallpaper. Available in silver, gold, and copper finishes, metallic wallpaper adds glamor and luxury to any kitchen. Use it as a focal feature wall or on the backsplash area behind the stove. Metallic wallpaper easily glams up modern, industrial, or even traditional kitchen spaces.

04. Try Creativity With Blackboard Wallpaper

Wallpaper that mimics a classic chalkboard is clever and playful. Use it to scribble notes, recipes, grocery lists, or artworks without worrying about permanent damage. Blackboard wallpaper also enables you to frequently change the look by simply wiping it clean as needed. Use colorful chalk to personalize kitchen walls.

05. Add Vintage Charm With Retro Tiles Wallpaper

For kitchens with a passion for vintage charm, wallpaper with retro-style tiles or distressed patterns works beautifully. Such wallpaper evokes French country or cottage kitchen vibes. Match with cabinets and floor for a seamlessly cohesive look.

06. One-Piece Design Kitchen Wallpaper

It’s amazing how many amazing 14 insanely stylish ways to wallpaper your kitchen are there. They range from modern and contemporary styles to rustic and traditional ones. It was recently found that these wallpaper designs are some of the newest and most interesting trends in home decor. Because of this, they can give your kitchen a unique look.

07. Bring Industrial Style With Faux Brick

Love the rustic industrial edge of exposed bricks? Faux brick wallpaper lets you recreate the aesthetic without labor-intensive masonry work. Go monochromatic or play with colorful bricks in red, blue, green, or yellow. Use faux brick wallpaper for the entire kitchen or simply as an accent wall.

08. Make It Lively With Colorful Patterns

Make a lively style statement with colorful patterned wallpaper in your kitchen. Floral trails, geometric shapes, or abstract watercolor smears – opt for big, bold patterns that grab attention. But stick to one pattern instead of mixing it up. Let the bright and colorful wallpaper pop against muted cabinets and countertops.

09. Add Stylish Texture With Specialty Finishes

An often overlooked but insanely stylish option is textured wallpaper for the kitchen. Opt for subtle textures like raised dots, vertical ridges, or a leather-like look. Pair with glossy cabinetry and furniture as a contrast. For boho or country kitchens, use heavily textured wallpaper that mimics rough-hewn wood plank walls.

10. Use Classic Damask Patterns

Walls in many countries have been decorated with the intricate swirling damask pattern for hundreds of years. For modern homes, choose damask designs with a new, modern twist. For example, use metallics, large sizes, or a striking color scheme. Neo-classical black and white damask wallpaper looks great in high-end designer kitchens.

11. Create Relaxing Interior With Natural Grasscloth

For laidback kitchens, grasscloth wallpaper delivers a casual, beachy vibe even if you are far from the ocean. Made from sisal, jute, or bamboo grasses, this type of wallpaper has an organic, tactile texture. Use grasscloth wallpaper from counter to ceiling or above plain backsplash tiles. Keep the rest of the kitchen light and neutral.

12. Make Temporary Look With Removable Wallpapers

Customize your kitchen easily with the latest options in self-adhesive, removable wallpaper. Such temporary wallpaper allows you to experiment with patterns, colors, and textures since it doesn’t leave behind sticky residue or wall damage. Affordable, temporary, and insanely stylish – removable wallpaper is perfect for rentals or indecisive homeowners.

13. Warm It Up With Wood Plank Panels

The warmth of wood never fails to infuse cozy, inviting vibes. But constant cooking may damage real wood over time in the kitchen. Capture the look with wood plank wallpaper on a feature wall or backsplash area. Opt for whitewashed or light wood tones which enhance lighting instead of dark espresso shades.

14. Inspire With A Personalized Wall Mural

Custom-print your favorite family photo, special vacation memory, or a meaningful inspirational quote as a wallpaper mural. Local printing services can beautifully adapt and scale any image or text to wallpaper dimensions. Display your personalized wallpaper as a full or partial focal feature in the cooking zone for daily inspiration!


Wallpaper can be used in almost infinite ways to not only make your kitchen look better but also give it personality and style. Out of these 14 insanely stylish ways to wallpaper your kitchen, pick patterns, materials, finishes, and color choices that you like and that go with the style of the rest of the kitchen. Many wallpapers are affordable enough to change seasonally for a kitchen backdrop. This collection of incredibly stylish ideas means you no longer have to look for the perfect kitchen wallpaper.

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