9 Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper to Transform Your Living Room

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The living room is often considered the heart of the home – it’s where we relax, entertain guests, and spend quality time with family. And what better way to give your living room a fresh new look than with wallpaper? Wallpaper offers endless possibilities when decorating a living room. You can use it to create an eye-catching accent wall or even decorate furniture and ceilings. Read 9 creative ways by Land of Wallpaper to use wallpaper to transform your living room into a stylish and inviting space.

9 Best Ideas for Using Living Room Wallpapers

Create a Striking Focal Point Wall

One of the most popular wallpaper uses is to create a bold focal point wall that immediately draws the eye. Select one wall in your living room to cover in a vibrant, colorful print or textured design wallpaper. This focal wall will become the star of the room, lending character and visual interest to your space. The best part is you don’t have to wallpaper the entire room – just one statement wall has a serious style impact.

Line Backs of Shelves and Insides of Cabinets

Take advantage of often-forgotten hidden spaces by lining the backs of open shelves or the insides of glass cabinet doors with pages from old books, maps, sheet music, or wallpaper scraps featuring various prints and patterns. This unexpected peek of color and texture, when you open cabinets or glance at shelves, gives new life to plain areas and creates charming vignettes.

Decorate Plain Furniture Pieces

Breathe new life into a tired furniture piece by decoupaging or applying adhesive wallpaper onto the exterior surfaces. This is a budget-friendly way to update furniture without having to refinish or reupholster pieces. Line dresser drawers with vintage floral designs, apply faux marble contact paper to a plain side table or give a desk drawer retro appeal with 60’s style wallpaper. Get creative with pieces in your living room!

Display Wallpaper Behind Open Shelving

If you have open shelving in your living room, try placing sheets of wallpaper in the back. The wallpaper will be prominently displayed behind the shelves, creating color and visual interest. This looks especially striking if done in a space with neutral walls or if your wallpaper print ties in other colors from the living room décor.

Install a Wallpaper Border

Wallpaper borders are a great way to dip your toe into using wallpapers. Borders lets you experiment with interesting prints and patterns without the commitment of an entire accent wall. Contemporary scalloped, geometric, and nature-inspired borders lend subtle texture and dimension along the tops of walls and ceilings. Placement tip: apply wallpaper borders about two-thirds up the wall for optimal visual impact.

Wallpaper Ceilings for Unexpected Interest

While wallpaper is commonly used on walls, don’t rule out papering your ceilings too! Installing wallpaper on the fifth wall of your living room can add intrigue and a conversation-worthy detail. Opt for large-scale graphic prints, whimsical nature scenes, or metallic finishes for lots of wow factor. Ceiling wallpaper steals the show, so keep furnishings simple.

Wrap Beams, Columns, and Mantels

Highlight architectural elements like beams, columns, and mantels by wrapping them in wallpaper designs. Choose patterns that pop against plain white ceilings and walls to make these features stand out all the more. Accent the clean lines of a mantel with an on-trend toile print, define sturdy columns with sophisticated damask designs, or play up wood beams with earthy grasscloth textures.

Line Backs of Bookshelves

Give plain white bookshelves a mini wallpapered makeover by lining the back. This transforms boring shelving into an artful display. Select wallpapers depicting museum gallery walls or stacked books to enhance the literary vibe. For kids’ rooms, use pages from a favorite storybook or characters they adore. The options are practically endless!

Use Wallpaper Panels as Temporary Art

Not ready to commit long-term to a wallpaper print? No problem! Many companies offer stunning wallpaper images printed onto panels or boards that can be leaned against walls as décor. When you tire of a scene, simply switch it out for another image. Rotate through florals, foodscapes, city views, abstract prints – whatever matches your mood!

Helpful Tips for Wallpapering Your Living Room

When taking on a living room wallpaper, keep these tips in mind for a successful experience from start to finish:

  • Prepare the walls properly: Remove any existing wallpaper, wash the walls to remove residue, fill holes/cracks, sand bumps and prime the surface so the wallpaper will adhere well.
  • Calculate the amount needed: Measure wall dimensions to determine the total square footage you need to purchase. Plan for 10-15% extra for trimming and pattern matching.
  • Match up patterns accurately: When applying wide wallpaper with repeating motifs, take care to line up the patterns precisely across seams for a cohesive look.
  • Overlap seams slightly: Use sharp scissors or a specialty blade to trim excess paper at seams. A slight overlap helps hide gaps.
  • Work slowly and methodically: Take your time applying wallpaper smoothly and removing air bubbles underneath. Don’t rush the process.
  • Keep the paste/adhesive mixture thin: Follow instructions for the paste-to-water ratios. Too little paste won’t adhere to the paper, too much can cause overflow or staining.
  • Smooth wallpaper with a smoothing brush or plastic scraper: Gently smooth the paper against the wall as you apply it to help remove trapped air pockets.

Following these tips will help ensure your wallpaper project turns out beautifully! Take things slow and steady for professional-looking results.

Final Words

The options are endless when it comes to following 9 creative ways to use wallpaper to transform your living room. And the best part? You don’t need special skills to install modern peel-and-stick wallpapers. With a few clever wallpaper applications, you can easily achieve a room style that wows and delights. So go ahead – have fun with wallpaper and give your living room the revamp it deserves! Which idea will you try first?

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